Review - Manage projects online easily

There is much software which you can use to manage the projects. But most of them lack some of the features that Backlog does not. That is why we are here with a review of this Online Project Management tool.

This online project management tool mainly focuses on the developers. And, it is suitable for any teams which are developing software, Marketing, Designing, IT and production and much more. 

With Backlog, you can manage your projects with your partners with more coordination and improve your collaboration with all others.

All the members join a plan and work on it together, and Backlog provides a medium to connect everyone so that everyone can see the various issues and tackle them together.

Moreover, all the project partners get to see the progress of the project regularly. Sometimes, few projects do not complete on time because people say that they did not know the issues to fix. will remove that communication barrier. And, it will ensure that you complete your projects on time. 

The backlog has some great features which allow development teams to find and fix bugs quickly. When you start using Backlog, you will see that the tasks are entirely distributed among each member of the group according to their expertise.

All the developers can make changes to the code while discussing everything with the team because the main goal is to optimize the code for better performance. And, you can easily reach the target with So, let us tell you more about the Setup of this amazing Online project management tool. 


As it is an Online Project Management Tool, the setup process is not very hectic. All you need to do is create an account. That’s it. You are ready to use this fantastic online tool. You can use it to manage your profile and start working on projects. Add members to the project and improve collaboration and coordination. Also, all the members can see the progress on the dashboard.

Firstly, you have to log in; you are ready to add projects from the Dashboard page. After the plans are added successfully, you can easily choose the project partners and add them. From now on, things will be getting more and more accessible. All the progress of the project will be visible to all on the Dashboard page. 

Once you start working on a project, you might face some issues with your project, but not with Backlog. So, to mention the problems with the project, you can add a question, write a Subject, and then the description of the Issue. After specifying the problem, you can assign the task to fix the problem to any member you want. That is all. 

If the issue is a little complicated and you are finding it difficult to explain by writing about it. There is a section below where you can post pictures, and your partners can get a visual idea. That is helpful because most of the time, we can not explain it adequately.


The backlog is a cloud-based Project tracking software. You can access this from anywhere with an internet-enabled device. So far, it is the most secure app which we have tested that lets you get things done. It comes with IP restrictions which you can enforce to make sure no intruders get intel on your high profile projects. It cancels out the chances of information getting leaked ahead of the launch.

Furthermore, to enrich your user experience, it comes with native mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can do all the task right from your smartphone to get things done. Apart from all this, it comes with live support to help and guide you through their platforms.

There are amazing features that come with this tool. With the help of the Backlog Online tool, you can manage your projects easily without crossing the deadlines. You might find a lot of project management tools on the Internet. But, is the best one we can recommend to you. So, here is a list of the features that you can get with this tool. 

  • Project Management
  • Track Project Progress
  • Task Management
  • Tasks into Subtasks
  • Prioritization
  • Work Requests
  • Gantt Charts
  • Burndown Charts
  • Git GRaph
  • Wikis
  • Collaborate on Code
  • Team Collaboration
  • Prioritization
  • Version Control
  • File Sharing
  • Bug Tracking
  • Milestones
  • Custom Fields
  • Notifications
  • Private Repositories


There are lots of excellent features that you can use while operating the Backlog Online Project Management tool. You get terrific combinations of Wiki and Git to help you out in the confusing moments.

It provides powerful integration with the below-mentioned tools to help and maintain a smooth workflow. Some of you might argue about the less number of integrations, but again having too many of them slows down the process and regardless of the number it has best and widely supported tools to hit the ground running.

  • Git – Creating your repositories using on Backlog is now more comfortable because of Git.
  • Wiki – Users can use this extension to search the web if they find anything difficult to do. 
  • Slack
  • Google Sheets
  • iCal
  • Typetalk
  • Cacoo
  • Jenkins

Benefits of | Backlog vs. Others

There are many tools out there to get things done, but here we jot down key decision points that may change your mind to switch or start using Backlog.

After testing multiple platforms and using it for over a week, we come down to some conclusions that make Backlog more efficient and trustworthy in terms of security, customer support, compatibility, and a bug-free stable behavior that can manage enterprise-level traffic without any hiccups.

Backlog also lags on some features which again is a plus point. It does not come with any useless tracking insights, which may become a reason for distraction and stress for some developers. Zoho, for example, lacks training support plus it won’t run on Linux, and that is a big-time turn-off while you go shopping for project management tools.

With Backlog, especially developers, get an extra edge while going around their routine, and keeping this particular branch happy is something that most of the business must do straightaway. Furthermore, it supports the Japanese to make things more meaningful for your friends and remote devs in japan.

You can sign-up for free with no strings attached. Unlike some other platforms that need you to be a company, the backlog is freelancer friendly, which means any individual can signup, invite, and collaborate with other people free of cost.

Furthermore, if you have a look at the pricing section, there is something which everyone can easily afford.

  • Task Management
  • Role-Based Access
  • Git
  • Wiki
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Quick Issue Reporting
  • Gantt and Burndown Charts
  • Security
  • File Sharing
  • Jira and Redmine Importer


Backlog offers amazing plans for every kind of enterprise or business. Starting from the most basic plan, the best part is that it is free.

Yes, the first plan is Backlog Free Plan, which is entirely free. In this plan, you can use the Backlog tool forever without paying anything. Although, in this plan, you can add up to ten project partners only.

So, this plan is best suitable for college going people who are learning and working on essential projects. Also, in this plan, you can create only one project. If you have to work on more than one project, you might have to buy another plan. 

Backlog Free Plan :

  • Use it forever
  • At most ten users
  • One project Only
  • 100 MB of storage available.

The next plan is the Backlog Starter plan, and this plan comes at two different prices. Either you choose to pay $35 per month.

Otherwise, if you have a long term project, you can choose to pay $350 per year. In this plan, you are allowed to connect with 30 users. Also, five projects are available in this plan. Moreover, the storage space is 1 GB in this plan. 

Backlog Starter Plan:

  • $35 per month OR $350 per year
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 30 users 

The next plan is Backlog Standard Plan. The pricing of the plan is $100/month or $1,000/year. Moreover, you can add up to as many users as you want. And, you can create up to 100 projects in this plan. 

Backlog Standard Plan:

  • 100 projects
  • $100/month or $1,000/year
  • Unlimited users
  • 30 GB of storage available.

The next plan is Backlog Premium Plan. The pricing of the project is $175/month or $1,750/year. Also, you can add up to as many users as you want with 100 GB of storage available. And, you can create unlimited projects in this plan. 

Backlog Premium Plan:

  • $175/month or $1,750/year
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 100 GB of storage available

The last plan is Backlog Enterprise Plan. The pricing of the plan is $1,200 to $8,500/year. Apart from that, you can add up to 300 users with unlimited storage available. And, you can create unlimited projects in this plan. 

Backlog Premium Plan:

  • $1,200 to $8,500/year
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 300 users
  • Unlimited storage available

*There is a free trial version also available if you want to test out the tool before opting any of the plans given above.*

For those who are wooed by excellent features, benefits, and pricing model on how Backlog works, and want to switch from Jira or Regime, you can go ahead and do it with a few clicks.

Furthermore, for non-tech savvy people out there, there is one in-depth and detailed guide on migration. If in some case any of that doesn’t help, then Backlog’s live tech support will make sure of everything. 

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the Online Project Management tool, Backlog. Overall, this tool is fantastic to operate as you get a user-friendly UI.

Moreover, it helps you complete the tasks within deadlines and removes the communication barrier between the project partners. In our thoughts, this is one of the best project management tools that you must try out. Also, the Pricing Plans are quite reasonable.

Therefore, we recommend you to use this tool for your projects as well. If you liked the article and found it useful, please share it on Social Media as well. In case you have any queries regarding the Backlog Online Project Management Tool, ask us freely in the comments section below.