Top 10 Best Online Trading Platforms For Day Traders

Trading is now seen as a current trend in the financial market. We can see that many people are nowadays attracted to online trading platforms.

Although, India has been behind in the race of trading people are now coping up with it. We have seen a tremendous increase in the online trading platforms in India.

Let us look at the top 10 best online trading platforms available in India today.

1. 5Paisa Online Trading App

On number one we have the most recent 5paisa mobile trading app which was launch in India. There are more than 1 million + installed of this app on Google Play Store. The features of the app include:

  • Trade-in equity
  • Investing in mutual funds
  • Buying digital gold
  • Insurance facility
  • Personal loans

Advantages Of The App

  • This app is very advanced as compared to all of the other trading apps.
  • It consists of advanced charts drawing functionality and stock research
  • It consists of hundred + predefined stock screeners
  • You can have access to advisory products.

Disadvantages Of The App

  • Many of the reviews on the Play Store suggest that the app have poor customer service
  • The app is relatively large for iPhone users.

2. UpStox Pro Mobile Online Trading App 

On the second position in the race of the best online trading platform, we have UpStox Pro. This app also has 1 million-plus download on Play Store. The features of the app include-

  • Rade-in shares
  • Equity derivatives and currency F&O.
  • Direct trade from charts using “Trade From Charts” (TFC)

Charges For The App 

  • The app will charge you around rupees zero on delivery
  • Rupees 20 per transaction on intraday and F&O trades.

Advantages Of The App 

  • This app has a very systematic, clean and pleasing to the eye look.
  • There is a predefined watchlist.
  • You can also create your customised watchlist.
  • The App helps you to receive real-time market feeds and unlimited price alerts.
  • The app also has the facility of day and night modes.

Disadvantages Of The App

  • It has a high compatibility rate in iOS

3. Zerodha Kite Mobile Trading App

Zerodha kite mobile training platform is also a great online trading application. It has biometric access and the design of the app has an intuitive user interface. This app also has 1 million-plus download on Play Store. The features of the apps are as follows-

  • Super lit backend in dark mode.
  • Advanced charts
  • Chart IQ
  • Coin
  • Varsity
  • Sentinel

Charges For The App

  • Rupees zero on delivery
  • Rupees 20 per transaction on intraday and F&O trades.

Disadvantages Of The App

  • The rating of the app is below 4 on all platforms.
  • The app does not have trade totals information and margin details feature

4. Angel Broking platform

Angel broking platform has a lot of features in defined in it such as-

  • 40 technical chart indicators and overlays for technical analysis and trading
  • Integrated with the Angel’s ARQ tool for improving portfolio performance
  • Intuitive design
  • Clean interface
  • Access of last ten transactions for Ledger, Funds and DP reports

Advantages Of The platform

  • This app has an Integrated ARQ tool
  • The app will give you access to advisory calls and research reports

Disadvantages Of The platform

  • Limited indicators and overlays of 40
  • You cannot invest in IPO and bonds.

5. Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform

UpStox Pro Web trading platform is another variation of the mobile application. The app is flexible enough to be responsive on any desktop. It has the following features-

  • Watchlist
  • Charts
  • Order Book
  • Position Book
  • 107 indicators
  • Historical data for the last 10 years.
  • Customizable range from 1 minute to 1 month
  • Place an order directly from the charts
  • Customisable charts with 100 + indicators

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • No tool for market depth

6. Zerodha Pi Trading Platform

Zerodha is now available in kite 3.0 which is a web-based trading platform. The features of the platforms are as follows-

  • 365 days of intraday data
  • Maximum of 20,000 candles.
  • Historical data on Pi is for 5 years
  • 80+ technical indicators.
  • Open 10+ charts simultaneously
  • Trade directly from charts using the Pi platform

Specifications Of The Platform

  • Intel dual-core processor
  • Windows XP/ 7/ 8 /10
  • 2GB of RAM
  • HDD Free space of 2GB
  • 512 kbps of internet speed
  • Display resolution of 1024 x 768

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • High PI bridge fees at 500 per month
  • It consists of only 5 years of historical data

7. Sharekhan Trade Tiger Trading Platform

Sharekhan Trade Tiger Trading Platform is another desktop-based trading platform. It has the following features in it:

  • Trade with a heat map.
  • Customizable with multiple screens, charts and shortcuts.
  • Place multiple orders, bracket orders and bulk orders in a single click.
  • Set order quantity either by absolute number, trade value or current market price
  • Handy intraday and daily charts with 30+ indicators and studies
  • Open multiple charts and link them all either by period, scrip or exchange.
  • Advance charting tools can be used to plot entry, target and exit lines and execute trades directly from the charts
  • 30+ trading strategies, portfolio greeks and pay-off charts.
  • Export live market streaming data into excel
  • Trade directly from Excel

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • A limit of indicators and studies

8. 5Paisa Trade Station EXE Platform

5Paisa Trade Station EXE Platform is a web-based platform of the mobile application version. It has the following features-

  • Customisable watchlist
  • Navigate seamlessly
  • Shortcut keys for traders
  • Advanced charting tools with real-time price ticks to track stock trends
  • Slice the order

Charges For The Platform

  • Brokerage cost of flat Rs. 10 per order on the Platinum and Titanium plans.
  • 499 per month for Platinum
  • 999 per month for Titanium

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • High monthly cost

9. Zerodha Kite 3.0 Trading Platform

Zerodha Kite 3.0 Trading Platform is another trading platform from Zerodha. This platform is also operable from any desktop. The features of the platform include:

  • Access to full Marketwatch
  • Extensive charting with over 100 indicators
  • 6 chart types
  • Extensive historical price data for stocks and F&O contracts.
  • Bracket and Cover orders in milliseconds.
  • 20 market depth (trade quotes) to gauge market liquidity and trade viewable.
  • Search and trade 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts across multiple exchanges.
  • Intuitive designed sleek interface

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • Doesn’t allow the user to trade directly from the charts.

10. MO (Motilal Oswal) Orion Lite- Desktop Trading Platform

MO (Motilal Oswal) Orion Lite- Desktop Trading Platform is one of the most reliable research advisory platforms out there in India. The features of this platform are:

  • Research-based recommendations
  • Access to 30,000+ research reports
  • 1- second refresh rate
  • 40+ customizable charting indicators
  • Customisable
  • Create multi-assets watch lists for equity, derivatives, currency and commodities.
  • “Trade Guide Signal” tool, auto-generates buy/sell ideas.
  • “Option Writer” option
  • “Option decoder” option to monitor and manage the options portfolio.

Disadvantages Of The Platform

  • Does not allow the user to trade directly from charts.
  • It has too many trade ideas in SMS.